Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Parsons' Challenge

My favorite shoes: no shoes. They are nothing special, but there are mine. They are wide and I am slightly pigeon-toed but they are my feet and they are all that I've got.

Since I was accepted, I figured that I would post my Parsons' Challenge.
I can't seem to find the blurbs that I wrote about the pictures, so they themselves will have to do.

^that's a lie. I found the blurbs, they sucks, how the hell did I get in? I just put excerpts from them.


  1. All BFA, BBA, BA/BFA, and BS applicants must submit the six-part exercise described below.

    Where do you live? What are your everyday activities? Where do you go? What have you overlooked? Discover something new within your familiar surroundings and daily life—an object, event, activity, or location.

    Interpret your discovery from three (3) perspectives in any medium and in three (3) statements of approximately 150 words each. Projects may proceed from image to text or from text to image. Each interpretation should represent a different perspective or point of view.

    Visual media may include drawing, video, photography, sculpture, 3D work, collage, and digital images. Each written statement should explore your creative and imaginative process and contribute to the work in both form and content.

    Your work will be evaluated on both your writing and your visuals and the relationship you create between the two.

  2. very nice. is the last one watercolor?