Sunday, October 31, 2010

100 things that Leah Gene loves about me....aka BEST LIST EVER COMPILED

  1. Emma is gorgeous

  2. Emma fucks like a champ

  3. Emma has big 'ol titties

  4. Emma loves Barbra...just like me

  5. Emma makes me giggle

  6. Emma's hair is like the sunlight

  7. Emma speaks in a British accent

  8. Emma has a ballin' tumblr

  9. Emma has a fantastic blog

  10. Emma puts pictures of me on her makes is sexier

  11. Emma hates it when I burp

  12. Emma skypes me through all hours of the night

  13. Emma likes my silly room mates

  14. Emma jizzes to Harry Potter 1-7 with me

  15. Emma sings Willy Wonka with me

  16. Emma likes Henry David Thoreau

  17. Emma reminds everyone of Terri Greene Henning

  18. Emma tells me she loves me

  19. Emma is the dopest dope

  20. Emma didn't actually think I'd write 100 things I love about her

  21. Emma sings the “The Way We Were”

  22. Emma cheers on Glen Coco

  23. Emma lets me help her pick a font

  24. Did I mention Emma fucks like a champ?

  25. Emma loves “Will and Grace”

  26. Emma is so happy she got this list

  27. Emma just said, “My ass is going numb.”

  28. Emma goes to art school

  29. Emma ferociously clicks her mouse

  30. Without Emma, I would be lost.

  31. Emma doesn't put me in her design class projects

  32. Emma thinks I crumpled up this list

  33. Emma's video won't work

  34. Emma is so happy that I want to come see her

  35. Emma contradicts when I am upset

  36. Emma loves me, like I love her

  37. Emma thinks I'm super sexy

  38. Emma takes new picts of me

  39. Emma sends me dirty pictures of her HUGE tata's

  40. Emma loves her ugly cat

  41. Emma neglects me

  42. Emma sings “Don't Rain on my Parade” on my FB wall

  43. Emma quotes infamous HP 1-7 with me

  44. Emma and I love the sorting hat songs

  45. Emma is Bellatrix Lestrange

  46. Emma wants to fuck me

  47. Emma has funny sex dreams

  48. Emma knows how to write a fantastic letter

  49. Emma doesn't get my mail

  50. Emma can't wait to read the next 50 reasons

  51. Emma shows me how to work my complex camera

  52. Emma cries when I cry

  53. Emma wants to come to Harry Potter world with me

  54. Emma masturbates every night

  55. Emma loves that this is written in cursive

  56. Emma has messy handwriting

  57. Emma loves giggling at my jokes

  58. Emma hates my weird nail colors

  59. Emma makes me take my clothes off in dirty, murky water

  60. Emma tells me everything

  61. Emma sabotages Trinity's graduation

  62. Emma wants me naked

  63. Emma cooks me dinner

  64. Emma lets me shower in her house :D

  65. Emma deals with my weird knitting obsession

  66. Emma has depth to her personality

  67. Emma doesn't listen when every one tells her I'm a bitch

  68. Emma is allergic to gluten

  69. Emma giggles because I'm in number '69'

  70. Emma shows me cool pictures

  71. Emma wants me to make her a Weasley sweater

  72. Emma deals with me strange picture ideas

  73. Emma lives in Goffstown

  74. Emma smells pretty

  75. Emma makes me love the simple things

  76. Emma hates my tattoo

  77. Emma loves Broadway

  78. Emma is sad there is only one page left

  79. Emma thinks black ink is romantic

  80. Emma makes fun of my lack of photography knowledge

  81. Emma loves my mom

  82. Emma is afraid to wax her poon

  83. Emma probably hates the word “poon”

  84. Emma loves spraying her letters with gorgeous perfumes

  85. Emma is counting the days until I arrive to visit

  86. Emma is in love with surprise

  87. Emma will never doubt my ways again

  88. Emma will take tequila shots with me

  89. Emma loves white wine

  90. Emma hates “Elf”

  91. Emma has an adorable dog

  92. Emma wants to shoot me with dry ice

  93. Emma can't think of a male model for me

  94. Emma makes fun of bad models with me

  95. Emma puts sexy pictures on my wall

  96. Emma hates Ron Weasley

  97. Emma sings Harry Potter Puppet Pals with me


  99. Emma is pumped that I send her a dark mark tat

  100. Emma is my favorite friend

    I especially love #45......#82 is not true and neither is #54, but other than that - dead on. Really, I hate the word 'poon.'

I just really miss my cat.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Photos of me by Dan.

This is how it works: You're young until you're not. You love until you don't. You try until you can't.

You laugh until you cry.
You cry until you laugh.
And everyone must breathe.
Until their dying breath.

the film scanner did funny things....